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H.R. Giger & Akron's

Baphomet - Tarot der Unterwelt

Baphomet CD von Epilepsy Nachfolgend ein handwerklich und künstlerisch hervorragend gemachtes Tarotkartenset von H.R. Giger und Akron. Das Set mit den 22 Karten wird zusammen mit einer Musik-CD von Epilepsy geliefert.

"H.R. Giger is a painter, Oscar-award winner and cult figure of an international artistic community, for which his aesthetics of the apocalypse represent inspiration and spiritual healing. His pictures are gripping, indeed sometimes shocking visions - they shake us from our unconsciousness as they relentlessly point to the hidden inner word of all things. The art of Giger is a journey to the most ancient destination of mankind: to birth and death, love and war, hope and the destruction of life. Akron is the philosophising magician and author of many books in the borderland between the visible and invisible world. Out of two decades of Giger's artistic creativity he has chosen 22 pictures, a select panoptikum of Eros and Thanatos, of dream and reality, of world and higher world and has put alongside the art of Giger an intellectually systematic superstructure from which this art becomes for many comprehensible for the first time. Out of this has arisen the cult bible "Baphomet", a guide for the struggle with the inner demons of one's own soul. Akron resorts to the tradition of the Tarot in order to convey the messages of Baphomet - a medieval secret symbol - which is of special significance in Giger's work. "Baphomet is the best thing which could have happened since Aleister Crowley, genial, wicked and full of pulsating life" - so wrote the specialist press.


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