Recorded 1966-1968. 60s Garage And Psychedelia from U.S.A. and Destination Records. Comes in a four-fold digi-Pak house in a plastic cartridge.
Though the '60s garage band explosion was felt in every corner of the country, the local uprising of talent in Chicago thrived unlike anywhere else. The Windy City had the perfect infrastructure in place; from a booming population of teenagers, to hip music stores in every suburb, a proliferation of teen clubs willing to take their money, and a powerhouse radio station (WLS) equally up to promoting local bands.
When it came to giving local groups a shot at 45 rpm fame, no Chicago label - not even the hallowed Dunwich Records -was more prolific than USA Records.
USA's Jim Golden was such a strong supporter of Midwest talent that he started up a second label focused solely in this area, Destination Records.

A quarter century into the CD age, it's hard to believe these pivotal labels have never been properly anthologized. Until now, that is!
Sundazed once again arrives to the rescue with an exhaustive dive into the pure, undiluted garage side of USA and Destination Records; tapping into everything from priceless artifacts from the Lost Agency, the Foggy Notions, and ParkAvenue Playground to label hitmakers the Buckinghams, the Cryan' Shames, and the Flock at their most rockin'.
There's so much impossibly great music on these labels, we had to expand this collection to 40 tracks.

The album artwork is stuffed with rare photos, band bios, and an interview with the legendary Jim Golden. For a full course of Chicago '66 garage at its finest, look no further than 2131 South Michigan Avenue:
60's Garage & Psychedelia from USA and Destination Records!

Titel: 2131 South Michigan Avenue
Label: Sundazed
Stil: Sixties Garage Kings and Losers
Best-Nr.: SC11201
Typ: Doppel-CD

VARIOUS ARTISTS - 2131 South Michigan Avenue

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1 The Lost Agency: One Girl Man
2 The Shady Daze: I'll Make You Pay
1:55 3 Oscar Hamod & The Majestics: Got To Have Your Lovin'
4 The Foggy Notions: Take Me Back And Hold Me
5 Lord And The Flies: Echoes
6 The Messengers: Midnight Hour
7 Ronnie Ross And The Good Guys: If You Ever Go
8 Oscar Hamod & The Majestics: Soul Finger
9 The Jokers: I'll Never Let You Go
10 The Sheffields: Do You Still Love Me
11 The Great Society: I'm The One For You
12 The Cryan' Shames: Ben Franklin's Almanac
13 The Foggy Notions: Need A Little Lovin' (Cold End)
14 Oscar Hamod & The Majestics: I Can't Explain
15 The Buckinghams: Don't Want To Cry (Unedited Version)
16 The Boyz: Come With Me
17 The Cryan' Shames: You're Gonna Lose That Girl (Demo)
18 The Cherry Slush: I Cannot Stop You
19 The Lost Agency: Time To Dream
20 The Buckinghams: ROWE Jukebox Promo (0:30)

1 The Counts: Stop Cheating On Me
2 Trafalgar Square: Til The End Of The Day
3 The Boyz: Hard Times All Over
4 Lord And The Flies: You Made A Fool Of Me
5 The Ricochettes: I Don't Want You
6 The Messengers: Hard Hard Year
7 Oscar Hamod & The Majestics: No Chance Baby
8 The Jokers: What'cha Gonna Do
9 Gary And The Knight Lites: I Don't Need Your Help
10 The Flock: Are You The Kind
11 The Daughters Of Eve: Help Me Boy
12 The Buckinghams: I'm A Man
13 Oscar Hamod & The Majestics: My Girl Is Waiting
14 Michael & The Messengers: Lifs (Don't Mean Nothin')
15 Park Avenue Playground: The Trip
16 Park Avenue Playground: I Know
17 The Cherry Slush: Gotta Take It Easy
18 The Flock: What Would You Do If The Sun Died (Alternate Version)
19 The Lost Agency: Time To Dream (Alternate Vocal)
20 The Daughters Of Eve: Radio Spot (0:18)

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