Sometimes in the 80's a young woman with the name of Marietta Schlegel did show up out of nowhere in the Post-Punk-Scene of St.Gallen. She was definitely different, full of positiv engery, full of ideas and she started right away the Band WIR KINDER FROM BAHNHOF ZOO as a front singer and guitarist. Short afterwords she must have met GUZ and did release under the name of ETTA several albums (MC). Notable GUZ on drums and synth on Etta St.Gallen - Zürich. Where she did move now and did continue with the project ETTA and release under the name of KREIS DER TWISTE and SIRUP! a 7" Single and a tape. In 1991 she did record with Sven Bösiger on 10.30 pm (22.30) at the radio DRS 3 studio in Basel these four songs on Lourie Lorraines Label Red Devil Leaving Eastwards Inc. Edition of 345 hand numbered copies, from Mariettas archiv!

Check out some Tom Produkt Records (Vinyl/CD's) that are now available on our site ;-)...all archiv copies from the label itself and we carry also Kreis der Twiste, another music project from Marietta!

Titel: 22.30
Stil: Swiss 90's
Best-Nr.: C&LE-113
Typ: 7 inch (Single)
Preis: 29.- EUR


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Side A:
What I Am
Dying For Moments

Side B:
No Home

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