Düde Dürst from the band Krokodil did release in february 2019 for the 50 years anniversary the first three Krokodil albums in a limited edition of 500 copies.
We from Klang und Kleid can offer you these three CD's here for a special price.
As well gave us Düde his complete backstock of Krokodil, Jo Geilo Heartbreakers and Back to the Groove Records (LP and CD's). They are all in perfect mint condition and you will not find a bether price anywhere else!
Titel: Krokodil / Swamp / An Invisible World Revealed
Stil: Swiss Progressiv
Best-Nr.: KCD-0123-2019
Typ: CD Box
Preis: 40.- EUR
KROKODIL - Krokodil / Swamp / An Invisible World Revealed

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1 Morning Dew
Written-By Tim Rose 4:34
2 Your Still A Part Of Me
Written-By W. Anselmo 6:20
3 All Alone
Written-By H. Hepp 3:50
4 Mis Blues
Written-By T. Stevens 3:15
5 Prayer
Written-By H. Hepp 4:09
6 Watchin' Chain
Written-By Krokodil, Trad. 6:49
7 Dabble In Om
Written-By T. Stevens 9:24

Bonus Tracks:
8 Don't Make Promises
Written-By Tim Hardin 3:58
9 Hurra! Alive
Written-By W. Anselmo 3:04
10 Camel Is Top
Written-By Krokodil 2:30


1 Get Your Personality Together
Written-By T. Stevens, W. Anselmo 3:08
2 Light Of Day
Written-By T. Stevens 5:18
3 Sunlights Beautiful Daughter
Written-By T. Stevens, W. Anselmo 5:43
4 Tell Me What You Want (Tell Tale)
Written-By T. Stevens 2:59
5 Blue Flashing Circle
Written-By W. Anselmo 3:27
6 Snow White And Blue
Written-By T. Stevens, W. Anselmo 4:09
7 Human Bondage
Written-By H. Hepp, T. Stevens 7:55

Bonus Tracks:
8 Gipsy Man
Written-By H. Hepp 3:46
9 That's What I Do
Written-By T. Stevens 2:55
10 Stehaufmädchen (Trailer)
Written-By Krokodil 2:08


Lady Of Attraction
With Little Miss Trimmings
Odyssey In Om
Green Fly
Looking At Time
Last Doors

Bonus Tracks:

Pollution 3:54
Krokodil-Session Part 1 11:24
Krokodil-Session Part 2 11:42

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